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    The truth behind Android TV boxes

    • 10.05.2023
    • By Linus Tech Tips

    In recent years, illicit streaming devices have become a major part of the piracy ecosystem. Often selling for a similar price to a Google Chromecast these ISD’s offer unlimited access to ‘free’ copyrighted content.

    To most, it seems like an extremely good deal and many naïve users might not even associate their android TV box with piracy. CCA’s 2022 research revealed that 68% of Australians who pirate on a casual basis believe that if they pay for an app or streaming service then it must be legal.

    As we know a free TV or movie is never really free and by connecting these devices to a home network people are exposing themselves and their family to many cybersecurity risks. It’s a growing issue as CCA’s 2022 research revealed year-on-year increases to the number of pirates experiencing cyber issues such as a virus or malware on their internet connection, ransomware installed on their device or being a victim of fraud.

    If users were more aware of the risks associated with ISD’s they might think twice about pirating. This video by popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips delves into the backend of some ISD’s to reveal the full scale of bad practices at play.

    Check it out here:


    This article was first published on Content Cafe