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    Motion Picture Association Statement on the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program Extension

    • 30.06.2023
    • By Charles Rivkin
    Motion Picture Association

    The California Legislature today passed the California Film and Television Tax Credit 4.0 program as a part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s budget for the coming fiscal year. The following is a statement from Motion Picture Association Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin:

    “California has been the global home of the motion picture industry for over a century and an important economic driver statewide since day one. With today’s passage of the California Film & Television Tax Credit 4.0 program, the state has ensured that the film, television, and streaming industry will remain a vibrant part of California’s economic landscape for the future. From 2015-2020, the production incentive program generated more than $21.8 billion in economic output and supported the employment of more than 110,000 Californians, most of which are good paying, union, middle-class jobs. The 4.0 version will continue that success and build upon the program by creating new commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion, improving Career Pathways for Californians, and establishing a pilot program on production safety, among other provisions.

    “Governor Newsom has been a strong supporter of our industry, and I thank him for including this important economic growth program as a part of his annual budget. The Motion Picture Association also extends our gratitude for the work done by the legislative leaders and budget committee members of both houses in putting together a production incentive program that will ensure the continued success of the film, television, and streaming industry in California.”

    This article was first published on Motion Picture Association