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    • 10.05.2023
    • By MPA
    Motion Picture Association

    The Motion Picture Association Asia Pacific (MPA) applauds the Australian Government’s announcement today to increase the Location Offset from 16.5 percent to 30 percent.

    “The Motion Picture Association congratulates the Australian Government for recognizing how the film, television and streaming industry is a key economic driver which supports jobs, small businesses and tourism,” said Belinda Lui, President and Managing Director of the Motion Picture Association Asia Pacific. “The increase of the Location Offset to 30 percent will allow Australia to remain competitive in this very active global industry, helping to ensure that Australia will be home to many more film and television productions for years to come.”

    A ‘Study on the Impact of Film and Television Production Incentives in Australia’ by Olsberg SPI, commissioned by the Australia New Zealand Screen Association (ANZSA) and the MPA and launched on February 14 in Canberra, found that Australia’s Location Offset, which is critical to attracting major offshore film and television productions to the country, delivered a  $5.89 return for every $1 invested through the program. View and download the report here.


    This article was first published on Motion Picture Association