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    Illegal IPTV operator “TV Company” shut down by ACE

    • 17.02.2022

    The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the world’s leading coalition dedicated to protecting the dynamic legal ecosystem and reducing digital piracy, today announced it has shut down the full operations of the global “TV Company” Ring.

    Illegal IPTV services Polish TV Company, Russian TV Company, Ukrainian TV Company, Israeli TV company, Turkish TV Company, German TV Company, Arab TV Company, and IPTV Anywhere, collectively known as the “TV Company” ring, were managed by the same operator. The “TV Company” ring offered over 700 live television channels with both US and Eastern European TV channels as well as over 7,000 VOD titles featuring US and European content. Tens of thousands of customers subscribed to the “TV Company” ring, with subscription packages ranging from $14.99 to $24.99 per month.

    “The ‘TV Company’ ring affected all ACE members, and we are pleased that we were successful in taking down the entire operation,” said Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection for the Motion Picture Association. “This action in the U.S. is the latest example of our dedication to protecting the legal ecosystem for creative content around the world.”

    After identifying the operator, ACE executed the action in Brooklyn, NY, followed by cooperation from the operator.

    Currently, all domains associated with the “TV Company” ring have been transferred to ACE and are redirecting to the Watch Legally section on the ACE website.

    The theft of digital content harms both local and foreign films and businesses, threatens jobs, undermines investment, reduces tax contributions to governments, and stifles creativity.

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