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    #IndiaAtCannes2023 | India: The Complete Filming Destination

    • 18.05.2023
    • By Creative First

    There have been many initiatives taken at both the Federal and State level to provide ease of filming in India. The governments have been proactively working to provide facilities and facilitation to creators be it filming or post production or digital and video effects.

    The private industry has also risen up to the challenge and there is an abundance of creative talent with state of the art equipment and needless to say, stunning locations to shoot varied story ideas. To top this up, now the incentive schemes announced by the federal government and many state governments make it financially attractive as well to produce in India.

    The session addressed the following questions:

    What has been done so far to making India a complete filming destination?

    What are the major initiatives taken by various stakeholders- Central Government (MIB, FFO, Invest India, States)?

    What more can be done? How can we really have Ease of doing business?


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