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    #IndiaAtCannes – Annual Cannes Roundtable

    • 18.05.2022
    • By Creative First

    The Annual Cannes roundtable in the India Pavilion at the 75th Cannes Film Festival was hosted with the agenda to discuss the film incentives announced in the inaugural session.

    Mr. Kamal Gianchandani, the moderator of the session, introduced the luminary panel consisting of industry veterans and experts. A reading of the new incentive policy followed which
    was well received and appreciated by all in attendance.

    Amongst the many topics discussed at the roundtable, the most crucial was the discussion of film education in India. Addressing the same, Mr. Kapoor and Mr. Bobby Bedi highlighted that institutes for film study and technicians who graduate from them are ample in India. However, to have more of those would be a bonus. They suggested having the government involved in providing financial support to students who are interested in enrolling in private schools or even government institutions for that matter. The discussion lingered around private-public education and the privilege of availing it.

    Ms. Vani Tripathi pointed out how crucial the nature of a creative capital within the social structure of governance is while also being an investment. She addressed the perennial
    question of the workings of the censorship board and highlighted the importance given to continuing conversation with the filmmakers and the board. The board follows the practice of
    noting intent and context in the cinema depending on which censorship and certification occurs.

    Further, Mr. Marc Bachet contributed to the discussion by highlighting the impact of international screenings of Indian content. Mr. Akshay Rathi shared thoughts on production and revenue generated through theater screens in India. He also mentioned that it made logical sense to monetize Indian content amongst the Indian audience. Mr. Anupam Sharma discussed India-Australia film relations and the increasing audience for Indian content in the country.

    In the closing comments, Mr. Apurva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of I&B said that India looks forward to nurturing more and more independent cinema and improvising the announced incentive policy if required to see how it can achieve the best results in the coming days.

    View the complete discussion below.

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