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    #IndiaAtCannes – Global Film Distribution : Opportunities and Way Forward

    • 23.05.2022
    • By Creative First

    The Indian Pavilion at Cannes 2022 hosted a discussion on global film distribution with a focus on the opportunities and a way forward for the industry.

    Mr. Arfi Lamba, alongside a panel of film distributors and financiers from India and around the world, discussed the evolution of film distribution over the years and the wide array of mediums and services via which audiences can consume content. A growth that highlights a significant opportunity for film makers and the ability to innovate with the way they distribute their films – and other video content.Commenting on the same, Mr. Ahmad Golchin, founder and CEO of Phars Films Group, talks about how Indian content often does better than even Hollywood in Dubai. He mentions that Indian cinema and storytelling has a unique appeal and that language is no longer a barrier for international markets, the quality of content draws in audiences anyway. His insight was that the opportunities are significant for the Indian industry if the government, filmmakers and investors work hand in hand to develop robust development and distribution policies.

    Mr. Kamal Jain highlighted the Indian market. He affirmed the cinema business would live forever since it is the only entertainment for most people in the country. Regarding independent films and their distribution, he advised filmmakers to try their best and keep approaching distributors.

    Mr. Sanjay Jumani advised independent filmmakers to work towards making their passion for cinema lucrative. He advised fellow aspirants to imbibe passion, revenue and profit into their process with each film they make.

    He also suggested the opening of small screens to show works of independent filmmakers with a taxation cut or incentive by the government for filmmaking to be encouraged.

    The key for any film to find a distributor is the background (whether their previous content has been well-received), content and how it is received post one screening.

    The panel also discussed how film marketing has changed over the years, the effect of Over The Top streaming services and Covid on theaters, and the way forward for independent filmmakers.


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