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    Ad-funded Piracy: The big, the bad and the bright red button

    • 14.10.2021
    • By White Bullet


    Ad-funded Piracy: The big, the bad and the bright red button

    Ad-funded piracy is now a $1.34 billion problem and growing. Industry efforts are forcing pirates to adapt and exploit new channels. However, technology can now combat IP crime through demonetisation with the click of a button.

    In this three part virtual event we address ‘The Big’ picture trends, evolving programmes to tackle ‘The Bad’ actors, and demonstrate ‘The Bright Red Button’ that is the simple fix.

    Agenda: The Big: Just how serious is the problem of ad-funded piracy?

    Join Peter Szyszko, CEO of White Bullet who will discuss the evolution in digital piracy, changes in pirate advertising profiles and the expansion of apps and CTV piracy amongst other big picture issues.

    What are the big picture trends?

    What has been the driving force in making these trends?

    The Bad: How effective have industry efforts been?

    During this lively debate, a panel of experts will share how they have tackled ad-funded piracy so far, the obstacles they have faced and how effective their actions have been. Speakers to be announced soon!

    What industry efforts have been most effective against bad actors?

    How have we innovated in response to pirates’ adaptability and what more could we do?

    What have companies done to clean up the supply chain?

    The Bright Red Button: What is the simple solution to ad-funded piracy?

    Join White Bullet and a special guest for a casestudy-led session that demonstrates the ease of pressing The Bright Red Button. See how the solution works in practice to block ads in real time.

    How does ad blocking work?

    Can this operate in real time?

    What is the scale of uptake?

    Watch video for insights.

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