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    Canadians Consider Global Studios and Streamers Valuable Contributors to Canada and Creative Workers, According to New National Survey

    • 18.11.2023

    New national polling conducted by spark*insights for the Motion Picture Association – Canada (MPA-Canada) shows Canadians see global studios and streaming companies as valuable contributors to Canada – filming movies and series across the country, employing Canadians, and exposing global audiences to made in Canada content on streaming services. The study found most Canadians do not place a higher value on content made by Canadian companies. They appreciate both: global productions filmed in Canada and Canadian owned content.

    In an online survey of 3,000 adults, spark*insights found Canadians see a variety of ways global studios and streamers can continue to bring value to the country and for creative workers, and they feel public policy priorities should reflect this. Among the top ranked ways to bring value to Canada were:

    1. More filming in Canada, with productions employing Canadians and buying supplies from local businesses;
    2. More spending to help promote productions shot in Canada internationally; and
    3. More education and training programs for Canadians who want to work in the field.

    The lowest valued item on the list was “making it easier to find Canadian content on streaming services”. Canadian ownership of a film or series was in the middle of a pack and equivalent to other ways to contribute.

    By a roughly 3:1 ratio, Canadians think the priority for public policy should be more productions shot in Canada, using Canadian talent, and exposed to global audiences, rather than more movies and series owned by Canadian production companies. By a 3:1 margin, people reject the idea that to be valuable to Canada a movie or series must be owned by a domestic production company. Irrespective of ownership, they see value in content based on Canadian books, filmed in Canadian locations, or using Canadian creative talent.

    According to Bruce Anderson who designed the study for spark*insights, “People believe the best way for global studios and streamers to contribute to Canada’s goals is to allow them to choose how they can bring the most value, drawing on their global expertise and harnessing their unique business models. They believe this is the best way to deliver opportunity to Canadian creative workers. The results describe a preference for policy flexibility rather than too much government prescription, likely because people see a lot of dynamic change within the marketplace.”

    These findings are directionally consistent with previous polling by spark*insights commissioned by MPA-Canada over the past few years. Survey results can be found on the MPA-Canada website here.

    This article was first published on MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION