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    Producer Autumn Bailey-Ford on Making Movies & Shows She Loves in Georgia

    • 03.05.2022
    • By Bryan Abrams

    Autumn Bailey-Ford has been an independent film and TV producer working out of Georgia for the past 13 years. Originally from York, Pennsylvania, Bailey-Ford has worked her way up from production assistant—that invaluable, multifaceted job that has been the starting point to many successful film careers—to running her own studio…and co-running a second.

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    The Anti-Copyright Hyperbole Fails to Sway the Canadian Government

    • 02.05.2022
    • By Hugh Stephens

    Call it a victory for common sense. The Canadian Budget Implementation Bill, which includes needed amendments to the Copyright Act to implement Canada’s CUSMA treaty commitment to extend its term of copyright protection to bring it into alignment with its major trading partners, has now been tabled.

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    • 02.05.2022
    • By Anushree Rauta

    I often receive queries on whether one can use clippings for up to 30 seconds or less without requiring any license? Isn’t it permissible under principle of de minimis non curat lex? Can a news channel simply use songs in one of its programmes and claim defense of fair dealing under Section 52 of the Copyright Act?

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    5 ways copyright laws encourage creativity

    • 28.04.2022

    In celebration of World IP Day, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce outlines five ways copyright can encourage young people to express their creativity.

    Copyright gives creators control over their creations
    Copyright defines ownership rights which in turn promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration
    Copyright enforcement legislation helps to fight against piracy
    Copyright creates economic growth and promotes investment in the creative industry
    Copyright cultivates creativity by supporting people of all ages to turn ideas into reality

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    Charles Rivkin “State of the Industry” Address at CinemaCon 2022

    • 27.04.2022
    • By Charles Rivkin

    Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by MPA Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin

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    Art Director Daniel Lopez Muñoz on Finding Pixar’s Oscar-Nominated “Soul”

    • 26.04.2022

    This interview with Daniel Lopez Muñoz is part of our ongoing Oscar series. It was originally published on December 24, before the film was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film.

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    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issues Advisory to private TV News Channels on scandalous headlines, false claims and unparliamentary language.

    • 24.04.2022
    • By Ameet Datta and Suvarna Mandal

    The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting ("MIB") on 23 April 2022, issued an advisory to private TV news channels, for coverage of events and incidents in a manner violative of the Programme Code framed under the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 ("the Act") and advised them to refrain from airing such cont

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    Trusted Partner Network Bolsters Executive Ranks

    • 21.04.2022
    • By Motion Picture Association

    The Motion Picture Association’s film and television content security program, the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), today announced the appointment of Crystal Pham to the role of Vice President, Operations and Product Management. Pham will report to TPN President Terri Davies.

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    Pirates of OpenSea: NFTs Repeat Internet History

    • 21.04.2022
    • By CreativeFuture

    Since 2017, OpenSea has hosted a cryptocurrency marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), unique identifiers for digital objects. Although these technologies are new and, to many of us, baffling, OpenSea’s story will sound familiar to creatives who have watched platforms like YouTube and Facebook profit from stolen content.

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    Copyright References in the Budget: Good Intentions Are Welcome but Early Action is Needed

    • 17.04.2022
    • By Hugh Stephens

    Last week I discussed the copyright needle buried in the 2022 Canadian budget haystack, a reference to impending legislation to amend the Copyright Act to fulfill Canada’s obligation under the USMCA/CUSMA to extend its term of copyright protection from the life of the author plus 50 years to “life plus 70”. The amendments will be tacked on as part of the 2022 Budget Implementation Bill along with a number of other measures unrelated to the budget

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