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    Towards Effective Consumer Choice

    • 03.08.2022
    • By Broadband India Forum (BIF) and Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS International)

    The study was based on a nation-wide survey of over 10,000 TV consumers and brings to light some interesting findings which go to strengthen the importance and relevance of TV even in today’s day and age when digital/OTT media and apps proliferating rapidly.

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    No Side Effects : The Role & Growth of VFX

    • 01.08.2022
    • By Nishit Shetty

    In this Industry Spotlight, Nishit Shetty discussed the current landscape and future for the VFX industry in India.

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    Draft Regulatory Guidelines for Child Participation in the Entertainment Industry or any Commercial Entertainment Activity

    • 31.07.2022
    • By Kainat Singh

    The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (“NCPCR”) on 24th June 2022 has released the Draft Regulatory Guidelines for Child Participation in the Entertainment Industry or Any Commercial Entertainment Activity (“Draft Guidelines”), which is available on its website for 30 days for public comments. The Draft Guidelines have been developed with the aim of ensuring a healthy work environment with minimal physical and psychological stress for children participating in the entertainment industry and undertaking any commercial entertainment activity. Once notified the Draft Guidelines will supersede the “Guidelines to Regulate Child Participation in the Entertainment Industry” previously issued by the NCPCR in 2011.

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    Rated Arrrrr: Why piracy is the high-stakes fight hurting Hollywood far more than the streaming war

    • 30.07.2022
    • By Barry Hertz

    It is the thick of the first true summer movie season in three years, and audiences have never had so much choice. Blockbusters (Top Gun: Maverick), superhero epics (Thor: Love and Thunder), kid flicks (Minions: The Rise of Gru), rom-coms (The Lost City): they’re all here! Oh, I don’t mean in theatres. All the titles above – and so many more – are now available online, for free, via piracy sites.

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    “Nope” Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema on Capturing the Epic Scope of Jordan Peele’s Latest

    • 23.07.2022
    • By Hugh Hart

    Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema failed to get into two Dutch film schools, so he worked in a soap factory, played in a band, and survived unemployment as a self-described “slacker” before finding his creative footing at a renowned cinema academy in Lodz, Poland. Since then, he’s made up for lost time through collaborations with A-list auteurs, including David O. Russell (The Fighter), Sam Mendes (Spectre), and Spike Jonez (Her)

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    “The Gray Man” Composer Henry Jackman Breaks Down His 17-Minute Suite

    • 23.07.2022
    • By Hugh Hart

    For the Russos’ new Ryan Gosling action movie The Gray Man (streaming Friday on Netflix), Jackman spent months obsessing over a 17-minute suite before seeing a single frame of the film. Jackman explains, “If you’re trying to do something original in writing music for movies, I’ve found that if you just get the picture and go straight into writing cues, you often get distracted by the mechanics of the scene. If you really want to develop ideas, it’s useful to work away from picture.”

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    A Note to Our Fellow Creatives: This Is What We’re Fighting For

    • 19.07.2022
    • By Ruth Vitale

    Eight years ago, I stepped away from a three-decades long career as a film executive – because I realized that piracy in the age of the internet posed a significant threat to the creative industries, and we all had to work together to do something about it.

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    Copyright’s International Conventions: The Importance of Membership-Part 1 (The United States and the Berne Convention)

    • 12.07.2022
    • By Hugh Stephens

    Works protected in one country were not protected elsewhere, leading to “legalized piracy”. The best-known example of this is the legal reprinting, without permission, of British authors (such as the works of Charles Dickens) in the United States. This was legal because US copyright law protected only US authors prior to 1891. But this “legalized piracy” didn’t occur just in the United States.

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    “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Composer Natalie Holt Finds the Force

    • 09.07.2022
    • By Leslie Combemale

    The series Obi-Wan Kenobi concluded to great acclaim, especially for star Ewan McGregor’s emotional performance in the title role, Moses Ingram’s intensity as Inquisitor Reva, and the astonishing cat-and-mouse game between Obi-Wan and his former protogé, Darth Vader.

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    “Elvis” Editors Jonathan Redmond & Matt Villa on Keeping the King’s Story Rocking Along

    • 07.07.2022
    • By Susannah Edelbaum

    The broad strokes of Elvis’s (Austin Butler) life are all there in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis — the precarious childhood, Army stint, loss of his beloved mother, marriage to Priscilla (Olivia DeJonge), glittering Las Vegas residency masking a perilous personal descent. But this isn’t a biopic. Rather, the director’s first feature since 2013’s The Great Gatsby is also an electrifying tale of rags to riches to ruin, this time set to a compelling score mixing the best of the King’s musical catalog with unexpected contemporary bops.

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