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    IP Knowledge Center

    “Fall Seven Times and Stand Up Eight”​

    • 10.05.2021
    • By Charles Rivkin

    As we commemorate World Intellectual Property Day, with a special focus this year on the importance of IP protection for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), I’d like you to imagine you’re watching a movie.

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    SMEs and IP: The Biggest Challenge For Many Small Businesses—Protecting their Intellectual Property

    • 30.04.2021
    • By Hugh Stephens

    This year the theme for World Intellectual Property (IP)Day, April 26, is “SMEs and IP”.

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    One Movie Settled the “Debate” About Climate Change

    • 21.04.2020
    • By David Newhoff

    When I saw the theme of this year’s World IP Day, Innovate for a Green Future, I will admit that it was hard not to be cynical.

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