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    IP Knowledge Center

    Master Strokes : Continued Growth & Evolution Of Sports

    • 25.04.2023
    • By Vinit Karnik

    In this Industry Spotlight Vinit Karnik, Head – Sports, Esports and Entertainment GroupM South Asia gave us insight into the overlap of sports, content, and film.

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    Real-Time Piracy Enforcement: The Answer to Sports Broadcasters’ Vengeful Prayers

    • 30.03.2021
    • By Peter Szyszko

    The window of opportunity in elite sport is incredibly narrow, in every sense: careers are short; entire matches turn on split-second incidents; and mass content piracy surges up around a particular event and then disappears again like smoke.

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    Catalysing the Indian Sports Economy through Broadcasting

    • 18.03.2019
    • By Varun Ramdas

    The global market for sports generated around USD 700 billion, or one percent of global GDP in 2014 (KPMG). A 2019 report in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health valued India’s sports market at only USD 2.65 billion – indicating a large upside that is yet to be tapped.

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