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    IP Knowledge Center

    Made In Australia : Shantaram

    • 09.03.2023
    • By Creative First

    The 12-episode Apple tv+ drama series, produced by Paramount Television Studios, was filmed over 120 days at Docklands Studios Melbourne, and at more than 20 locations across Melbourne, with support through the Australian government’s Location Offset and Incentive Program and the Victorian Screen Incentive.

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    “Sick” Production Designer Jenny Möller Builds the Lake House From Hell in Peacock’s Peak Pandemic Slasher

    • 19.02.2023
    • By Kelle Long

    Slashers don’t take sick days, even during a lockdown. Leave it to Scream writer Kevin Williamson to give us more to fear than the virus in Peacock’s Sick, which takes us back to the peak of the COVID pandemic. Production Designer Jenny Möller rolled back the clock to an eerie experience we all shared – visiting grocery stores in 2020 with rows and rows of empty shelves, particularly the toilet paper aisle.

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