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    IP Knowledge Center

    Innovating With Experimentation

    • 22.02.2022
    • By Karan Bedi

    In this Industry Spotlight, Karan Bedi talks about the role of experimentation and innovation as a means to finding success in a constantly evolving M&E Industry.

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    Online Curated Content on steep Upward Trajectory in India Driving Data Usage, Demand for Local Content & Economic Growth

    • 11.01.2022
    • By TV Ramachandran

    Online Curated Content (OCC) refers to interesting or valuable pieces of content on particular subjects or topics that are collected, collated, classified and readily available for interested parties. The demand for such services is truly growing explosively in India and as many as 148 million Indians subscribed to online curated content (OCC) services in just 2020 alone.

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    Indian Streaming Video & TV Markets Can Turbocharge Nation’s GDP Growth – If Only We Let Them.

    • 17.11.2021
    • By TV Ramachandran

    What is our national obsession? Well, after cricket. A close second place goes to our love for streaming video platforms.

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    • 10.11.2021
    • By Aparna Purohit

    Aparna Purohit (Head of India Originals at Amazon Prime Video, India) joins Lohita Sujith (Sr. Director, Copyright & Digital Economy) in an exciting discussion on the creative aspects of developing and presenting authentic content to Indian audiences.

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    • 10.11.2021
    • By Anil Lale

    In this exclusive interview, Anil explains the pandemic’s effect on how audiences consume media, and how it acted as a catalyst to unlock new potential for filmmakers.

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    • 13.10.2021
    • By Rick Ambros

    Creative First is delighted to present an interaction with Rick Ambros, international media and entertainment executive, consultant and producer (India, China, SE Asia, US, Europe), and Consultant and Executive Producer for Applause Entertainment, India.

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    Here to co-exist: Broadcast during the Covid-19 pandemic

    • 27.08.2021
    • By Harit Nagpal

    In this insightful interaction, Mr. Nagpal, MD & CEO, Tata Sky, shares his views on the ever-evolving nature of broadcast, how the sector adapted to the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the demographic trends in India’s consumption patterns, and Tata Sky’s strategy going forward.

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    The streaming boom for Oz producers – pros & cons

    • 15.06.2021
    • By Don Groves

    The explosion in streaming services worldwide is generating sizable new revenues for Australian content creators – while also posing challenges in maximizing the value of their Intellectual Property rights.

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    Cinemas, Content & COVID

    • 20.05.2021
    • By Vivek Krishnani

    In conversation with Vivek Krishnani, Managing Director, ‎Sony Pictures Films India

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    Regulating OTT: Between Freedom and Responsibility

    • 24.04.2021
    • By Mihir Rale

    India is the world’s fastest growing OTT (over-the-top streaming) market and is all set to emerge as the world’s sixth-largest by 2024.

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    OTT Regulations: A Case for a progressive Government- industry- collaborative governance model

    • 17.03.2021
    • By Rameesh Kailasam

    OTTs have rapidly evolved and have democratized accessibility that was largely dependent on content from mediums like television, cable, DTH, theatres and viewing houses.

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