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    IP Knowledge Center

    Master Strokes : Continued Growth & Evolution Of Sports

    • 25.04.2023
    • By Vinit Karnik

    In this Industry Spotlight Vinit Karnik, Head – Sports, Esports and Entertainment GroupM South Asia gave us insight into the overlap of sports, content, and film.

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    Market Mentality : Responding To Consumers With Research

    • 25.03.2022
    • By Vikram Mehra

    In this Industry Spotlight, Vikram Mehra talks about how companies can innovate by listening to consumers and delivering on their needs.

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    Motion Picture Association, Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment and IPR Center Strengthen Public-Private Partnership to Protect Film and TV Content

    • 09.02.2022
    • By MPA

    The Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) today announced the expansion of their current partnership with the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center). By embedding MPA and ACE personnel to the team at the IPR Center in Washington D.C. and other resources to the expanded framework, the partnering organizations are able to further expand their collective content protection efforts.

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    “Evil Are Us”: Updating the Google Timeline of Scandal and Strife

    • 27.01.2022
    • By CreativeFuture

    “Evil are us” is indeed the misanthropic truth of Google’s business. And we’ve got new evidence to prove it in the latest update to The Timeline of Sandal and Strife.

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    How Can News Publishers Best Protect Their Content? The US Copyright Office Explores Options

    • 07.01.2022
    • By Hugh Stephen

    This past October, the US Copyright Office (USCO) announced it would be undertaking “a public study to evaluate the effectiveness of current copyright protections for publishers in the United States, with a focus on press publishers.” 

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    Those Problematic Comments on Facebook—Who Bears Responsibility for Them?

    • 09.12.2021
    • By Hugh Stephen

    Unless you have been living in a cave, you will be well aware of Facebook’s current travails, fed by whistle-blower Frances Haugen’s explosive testimony about how Facebook researched but ignored findings that suggested the company’s algorithms were harming individual users by promoting content that kept them engaged—but at a cost to their mental wellbeing.

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    • 13.10.2021
    • By Rick Ambros

    Creative First is delighted to present an interaction with Rick Ambros, international media and entertainment executive, consultant and producer (India, China, SE Asia, US, Europe), and Consultant and Executive Producer for Applause Entertainment, India.

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    IPRMENTLAW WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS (September 21st to September 26th)

    • 27.09.2021
    • By Sudarshan Mohta

    Twitter appoints personnel in compliance of with new IT Rules.

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    Here to co-exist: Broadcast during the Covid-19 pandemic

    • 27.08.2021
    • By Harit Nagpal

    In this insightful interaction, Mr. Nagpal, MD & CEO, Tata Sky, shares his views on the ever-evolving nature of broadcast, how the sector adapted to the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the demographic trends in India’s consumption patterns, and Tata Sky’s strategy going forward.

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    How the Emmy-Nominated “WandaVision” VFX Team Made Magic

    • 11.08.2021
    • By Hugh Hart

    Laden with special effects, big-name stars, and an audacious high concept, WandaVision represented a big swing for Marvel Studios when it debuted in January on Disney+. The bet paid off.

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    The American Music Fairness Act (AMFA): The Canadian Dimension

    • 26.07.2021
    • By Hugh Stephens

    The American Music Fairness Act (AMFA), draft US legislation creates an anomalous situation in which the US is the only developed country jurisdiction to provide such an advantage to terrestrial broadcasters.

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    Breaking: RMPL (recorded music performance limited) receives registration as a copyright society for sound recordings

    • 22.06.2021
    • By Anushree Rauta

    The DPIIT under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry has granted certificate of registration to Recorded Music Performance Limited (RMPL) under Section 33(3) of the Copyright Act, 1957 and permitted it to commence and carry on the copyright business in sound recording works.

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    Cinemas, Content & COVID

    • 20.05.2021
    • By Vivek Krishnani

    In conversation with Vivek Krishnani, Managing Director, ‎Sony Pictures Films India

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    Broadcast & Beyond

    • 20.04.2021
    • By Sunil Lulla

    In conversation with Sunil Lulla, CEO BARC India.

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    New “WandaVision” Featurette Teases Wanda’s World Coming Undone

    • 11.02.2021
    • By The Credits

    Showrunner Jac Schaeffer and director Matt Shakman’s patient, period-perfect series has begun to reveal some of the secrets it holds.

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    COVID-19 : The Many Shades Of A Crisis

    • 14.04.2020
    • By KPMG

    As far-fetched as it seems right now though, there will be a recovery and people are already asking: how different will the post-COVID-19 era be from the one we knew earlier?

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    The Era Of Consumer A.R.T

    • 30.03.2020
    • By EY

    The much anticipated 2020 Media & Entertainment Sector Report from EY and FICCI, was due to be formally released during FICCI Frames in March. The Report was finalized before Covid-19 up-ended the sector in such dramatic terms. Still the underlying trends indicate strong growth.

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    Supporting India’s Next Generation Of Storytellers

    • 10.04.2019
    • By Akshat Aggarwal

    The film industry has seen ground breaking changes in recent years. Online streaming technology now provides easier ways to reach audiences, and a growing young demographic generates a steady demand for a wide variety of content.

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