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    IP Knowledge Center

    Artificial Intelligence: We’ve Seen This Film… and We Didn’t Like the Ending

    • 30.07.2023
    • By Creative Future

    Since OpenAI released ChatGPT in late 2022, it seems like everyone has been talking, pontificating, or simply ranting about artificial intelligence. Many people believe AI is poised to change the planet in the next several years – maybe, some say, by eliminating our species. Even some of the AI developers see the risks – for example, OpenAI’s CEO is calling on Congress to regulate the technology.

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    International Regulation of AI Development and Application: Is it Feasible?

    • 15.07.2023
    • By Hugh Stephens

    It seems that every day a new report emerges regarding concerns with artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will likely impact our lives. There have been dire suggestions that unless something is done, one day AI will take over, resulting in the end of humanity.

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    • 19.04.2023
    • By Anushree Rauta

    The issue here is the challenges faced under the copyright law. Whether AI Generative Tools such as Midjourney use copies of the works present in their training data to create the resultant image and thereby infringe on any copyright vested with the author of such works.

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    Copyright Registration for AI-assisted Creations: How Much AI Input is Too Much?

    • 14.04.2023
    • By Hugh Stephens

    In December 2021, IP lawyer Ankit Sahni managed to register the artistic work Suryast, listing the AI-powered painting app RAGHAV as co-author.

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    • 28.03.2023
    • By Lokesh Vyas

    AI-generated artwork has been on the rise for quite some time with varied experiments such as Walter Thompson’s The Next Rembrandt and Obvious’ Edmond De Balamy both of which required a sophisticated software specially designed for this purpose, a varied dataset and a collective of intellectuals all working towards the desired result.

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    AI and Computer-Generated Art: Its Impact on Artists and Copyright

    • 28.10.2022
    • By Hugh Stephens

    If you are not an early tech adopter, you may not have heard of, or heard much about, DALL-E 2. Not being on the cutting edge of hi-tech myself this term had not crept into my consciousness until a couple of weeks ago, while I was up at my cottage north of Toronto enjoying the autumn foliage.

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